Bucharest Major

A look at the top teams at PGL Bucharest Dota 2 Major

The Bucharest Major will take place from the 4th of March till the 11th of March. Featuring a Prize pool of $1,000,000 this tournament will see 1500 Dota Pro Circuit points up for grabs. This is the fourth Major in this season and is definitely a crucial major. The upcoming months will see the frequency of the Majors increasing dramatically. The best teams having a good chance at qualifying for the International.   The PGL Bucharest Major features 16 teams; 10 invited teams as well as six regional qualifier winners. The group stage will feature a Swiss format, with the playoffs being single elimination matches. We take a look at some of the teams competing at this Major in this article.

ViCi Gaming


  • Paparazzi
  • Ori
  • Eleven
  • Lanm
  • Fenrir

Vici Gaming had a very lacklustre performance in the Grand finals of ESL One Katowice. Faced with Virtus Pro, the only win for the Chinese roster was a very fast-paced surprising veto. However, it is worth mentioning that Vici Gaming has had a very strong performance so far in the group stages of ESL One Katowice. The Chinese team has shown us great coordination as a team. Their performance has been worth mentioning simply because they can turn their weaknesses and work with them to come up ahead. The team is very inconsistent and that might play a big factor in their performance at the Bucharest Major. When they are at their peak, we have seen them defeat some of the best teams in the scene. Whether they can replicate the same performance, is a question for another week.

Team Liquid


  • Matumbaman
  • Miracle
  • Mind_Control
  • GH
  • Kuroky

Team Liquid has unequivocally been called as the best team in Dota 2 right now. From winning the International to consistently appearing in the finals of several tournaments, Liquid is always on the top. Just a look at their recent results gives us a glimpse at their performance in this year. Comprising of star players such as Miracle, Matumbaman, Kuroky this team has shown resilience to remain at the top. They have had top two finishes in several tournaments including Starladder & ESL Genting. They are currently sitting third in the Pro Circuits table behind Team Secret and Virtus Pro. This tournament would be the perfect opportunity for them to climb up these rankings. They will be one of the top contenders for the upcoming few months, starting with PGL Bucharest Major.

Virtus Pro


  • Ramzes666
  • No[O]ne
  • 9pasha
  • Rodjer
  • Solo

Virtus Pro recently took the top spot in the Dota Pro circuit rankings with their win at ESL One Katowice. The CIS team looks really strong now with the roster changes that they have made. The addition of Rodjer has not only added new blood to the team, but the remaining members of the roster also look fired up. The renewed performance by the team is reminiscent of their previous form a few months ago. Virtus Pro has been one of the best teams last year but suffered a dive in their performance recently. The recent roster change has made Virtus Pro one of the strongest teams right now. With a win in their first tournament together, Virtus Pro look strong to retain their numero uno position.

Team Secret


  • Ace
  • Midone
  • Yapzor
  • Fata
  • Puppey

Team Secret was the official leaders of the Dota Pro Circuit points for a long time. The team has some amazing players including their fabulous support lineup consisting of GH and Yapzor. There are few other teams which have support players constantly being called out for their plays in the match. The team has had a long-standing rivalry with Team Liquid. These matches are constantly a treat to watch with fans being treated to some of the best Dota 2 in the game. Team Secret has the perfect mixture of having aggressive players along with the strategic mind of Puppey. They have been able to pull insane comebacks on the back of individual plays. While not the strongest team right now, especially with the Virtus Pro resurgence, Team Secret is definitely not a walkover.

Evil Genius


  • Arteezy
  • Fear
  • Sumail
  • Cr1t
  • Misery

Evil Genius has made some changes to their players’ roles’. These include Sumail going to the offlane with Misery replacing Universe on the team. The team has been making small strides with their performance. However, they definitely have been making a lot of noise about their potential. Evil Genius is a team that can potentially upset the best teams, but they remain woefully inadequate in doing so. The team has had problems adjusting to their new roles and it has definitely cost them valuable matches. However, there are still many Majors left in the season and they can have a comeback. Sumail has been great in the offlane role, but the team is still used to playing according to Sumail’s playstyle. They need time to adjust and perform better.

Final thoughts

PGL Bucharest Major will provide us with a rough overview of how things are shaping up in the Dota 2 esports scene. There is intense competition at all levels amongst teams looking to receive invites to the Majors. The stability of the rosters and the teams’ performances have been improving with each passing week. Bucharest comes just a week after Katowice and if the past week is any indication we are in for some high-quality matches. PGL Bucharest will be broadcasted live on Twitch.

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Rohan Samal