Anonymous Valve employee leaks upcoming balance changes

Dota 2 has been reworked to have minor balance update patches every two weeks. This provides the developers greater flexibility to make changes to the game as they deem fit. The new update cycle is already coming into handy with frequent Dota 2 updates.

An anonymous alleged Valve employee has taken to the forums in order to provide some information about potential changes coming to Dota 2. There are people who doubt these claims, but it should be noted that the user has a history of making some correct claims. He had correctly predicted the 2016 MMR re-calibration option.

What does he claim?

In his post, D2Gee makes a series of claims about the potential changes coming to the game. These range from hero remodels, to a change in bounty and the upcoming Battle Pass.

All these claims are unconfirmed. We have no way of confirming his employment status either. However, he does have a history of making correct predictions about changes coming into the game.

Hero Remodels.

According to D2Gee, ten heroes will receive a remodel in the upcoming months. The new hero remodels will make the game look better. While there is no timeline provided in his statement, he does mention two of the ten mentioned heroes. Huskar and Terrorblade are the two names from the ten mentioned.

He does add a side note that he is not a part of the Dota 2 developer team. All he knows is what he hears from the office, so things might change depending on further decisions.

Other Changes

There are a few other changes being mentioned by the Valve employee who does not directly work on the game. He mentions Icefrog being unhappy with some of the previous balance changes. They include Shadow Fiend – 

Icefrog Logo
Icefrog is back to balancing

Shadowraze debuff, which might be removed soon.

Quelling Blade new price will be 300. There will also be changes to conjure, Breathe fire ability amongst others. D2Gee posted these leaks on the forums. He also mentions that IceFrog has not been doing much balancing over the past few months, but he is now back to balancing the game.

The Observer ward and Sentry Wards have had their pricing changed repeatedly. According to D2Gee, the new update will bundle Observer wards & Sentry Wards. It probably points towards a bundle purchase which will prove to be a better option for supports. Lowering the effective cost of Observer and Sentry wards will be useful to the support players who often have to manage their economy to the best of their ability.

Pudge Arcana

Pudge will receive an Arcana

The Pudge Arcana will soon arrive despite it being delayed for much time. Pudge is one of the favourite Dota 2 characters and his ability to hook enemies and allies closer to him makes for great plays.

Pudge won the most votes in last years TI Arcana vote. The vote is a community voice for which hero they feel should receive the next arcana. D2Gee has predicted that Pudge arcana will be released in the TI8 Compendium. He places the TI8 compendium release date as May 2018.

Last years Arcana vote was an extremely close affair with the winner ( Pudge ) winning by only a few thousand votes. Considering there were millions of votes registered the narrow victory margin definitely points to the divided community.

The arcana vote was a very volatile vote with the two opponents constantly racing ahead for the top spot.

According to the announcement during TI7, there were 57,585,833 votes cast in total. Battle Pass owners were allowed to vote up until August 3rd; owners with more levels received more votes.

Bounty Nerf incoming

Bounty Rune
Bounty Rune will get a nerf soon

There is also a supposed Bounty nerf incoming. Since Bounty Hunter as a hero is not considered to be overpowered currently, it is most likely a nerf to the bounty rune. Bounty runes have had a huge impact on the early game. Currently, Bounty runes spawn on both sides of the river. They provide a decent amount of gold to whoever picks it up.

While we dont know what the bounty changes would be, it would potentially be a nerf in the amount of gold provided early in the game.

Final Thoughts

These changes are still unconfirmed and they might be untrue. There is no way of confirming these supposed incoming changes. However, they do fit into the schedule from last year when the Battle Pass was released on May 3, 2017.

We will keep you updated with any further changes in the Dota 2 game.

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Rohan Samal