The final Minor of the DPC Season ends with a VGJ.Storm win

The last Minor of the DPC Season has come to an end. VGJ.Storm emerged as the winners of the tournament and also as one of the stronger contenders for a TI8 invite. The GESC Thailand was one of the first big Dota 2 events in the country. It received tremendous support from the local community and the event was a success.

There are a few key takeaways from the event. Tournament organizers would do good to learn from the Minor and the team list. But the teams were extremely competitive which led us to some good Dota.

Fnatic – A tough road Ahead

Fnatic finished GESC Thailand in the 3rd/4th position after losing to Keen Gaming. A semi-final appearance means that they secure 30 DPC points for themselves. The Fnatic roster has some well-known names such as Universe, DJ, Abed, EternalEnvy etc. The team has been on the edge of the DPC Top 8. But their semifinal finish in the last minor of the season pushes them down the rankings.

They are currently ranked 11th in the circuit rankings and have only one more tournament to attend. Fnatic will be absent from MDL Changsha Major as well as the Chinese Dota 2 SuperMajor. Their only chance at securing a few DPC points is at ESL One Birmingham. However, just getting some points will not be enough for Fnatic to receive an invite to TI8. They need to reach the finals of the next Major in order to confirm a slot in the top 8.

Fnatic is up against the likes of VGJ.Storm & Vici Gaming, with these teams playing in two of the next three Majors. The stakes for Fnatic are high and it is a win or loses situation for them. Based on their performance at GESC Thailand, however, it does seem extremely unlikely that Fnatic will emerge victorious at GESC Thailand.

VGJ.Storm – Almost there

VGJ.Storm emerged as the winners in the final match against Keen Gaming. While the final match was a bit of a stepover, VGJ.Storm did have to pass through some talented teams on their way to the finals. Defeating teams such as Final Tribe, Fnatic is no easy task, but VGJ’s tenacity and calm composure helped them secure the victory.

The team has a clear indication of when their roster is at its strongest in any particular match. They are able to take team fights on their accord which gives them a huge advantage in the game. Their ability to turn losing team fights around also helps the roster to punish enemy mistakes. They have the perfect communications to help them remove themselves from a team fight when necessary and re-engage depending on the positioning and ability cooldowns.

VGJ repeatedly showed us why they are a dominant force in the Chinese region. They have developed a playstyle and vetoes which is uncharacteristic for many of the other Chinese teams. So when we look back at them performing as they did, it should come as a big surprise.

The team has been able to repeatedly exert its dominance in the various regional qualifiers. However, the team has not really been a big impact in the multi-team tournaments. They are sitting at the very edge of the DPC rankings at the 8th position. Their position is at most risk of being out of the Top 8 but their recent performances inspire confidence in the team.

Keen Gaming made a splash at GESC

Kenn Gaming is a relatively young, inexperienced Chinese Dota 2 team. The team has made several changes already so far in 2018. They have repeatedly changed players and tried their best to find the perfect combination.

It seems the months of trials seemed to have worked out for the team as they managed to reach the finals. Ofcourse this is a minor event and the team lineup is not strong. However, Keen Gaming managed to score emphatic wins over Evil Geniuses and Secret in the Playoff matches. The Chinese team has a very unique and aggressive style of gameplay. As one of the casters mentioned, their gameplay is reminiscent of Overwatch Dive composition. In such a composition, the team selects their target and focusses the target. In most cases, it would be a support or the off-lane hero. Keen Gaming has no chance of making it to TI8 via invites. But they have made a name for themselves and are some of the emerging talents in the Chinese region.

A well-rounded Dota 2 Minor


Finally, the GESC Thailand was a very well rounded tournament. Being a Dota 2 Minor, it had the perfect production quality, prize pool, and invite list. The teams invited to the Minor were not the best teams in the world. But that is exactly the caliber of teams that a Dota 2 minor should cater

This was the last Minor for the current DPC system. There are still three more Dota 2 Majors remaining which will decide the fate of the bottom half of the DPC table. The next event is the MDL Changsha Major which will begin from 14th May 2018.

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Rohan Samal